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For some months now there has been little if any inventory available for New Zealand. We’ve spoken to many of you about this as we’ve worked to resolve the distribution problem. We’ve looked at a number of options, none of which was a good fit for Livescribe, ourselves, or our customers. We have been working closely with Livescribe for over 5 years and supporting the NZ market for over 4 years – we have the expertise and the focus to ensure that the market can be both supported and grown effectively. Therefore, in order to ensure New Zealand customers have

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The wires and the social sphere are alive tonight with news that Livescribe has launched it’s a major new application onto its mobile computing platform Paper Tablet, a powerful new collaboration application for the Echo™ smartpen. Paper Tablet provides consumers with a new way to annotate presentations, documents or spreadsheets and collaborate online. We’ve been hearing whispers that some really exciting things were brewing so it’s great to see this type of major announcement – particularly as earlier this year we kicked around some ideas as to where we thought Livescribe could take the development of their platform. Paper Tablet

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