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I’m pleased to advise that we’ve launched a special February promotion with Livescribe for a couple of the Smartpen’s. The special pricing is as follows: 2GB Pulse Smartpen – RRP $209 – Reduced to $149. 4GB Echo Smartpen – RRP $242 – Reduced to $199. This pricing is available now and will run till Feb 28. The pricing noted above includes Australian GST. We’ve also reduced our exclusive bundles – the 2GB Pulse Smartpen + MyScript and the 4GB Echo Smartpen + MyScript. If you’d like more information feel free to contact us via our usual channels – blog, email,

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Ahead of our launch of an exciting new product bundle, we’ve standardised how we list the Livescribe Pulse 2GB and 4GB Pulse Smartpens on our site. The product descriptions now clearly distinguish between both the 2GB and 4GB Pulse Smartpens whilst also making it clearer which pens are bundled with MyScript for Livescribe (still an exclusive offer by Smartpen). Here’s a snapshot of the 2GB pens: The 4GB Pens are listed in a similar way. I trust these changes make navigation easier on our site. Any feedback will always be appreciated. Tagged: 2GB Pulse, 2gb smartpen, 4GB Pulse, 4GB Smartpen,

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