Livescribe 3 Now Supports Mobile App Noteshelf

Earlier this week Livescribe announced a mobile app partnership with Fluid Touch – developers of the popular app Noteshelf.

Noteshelf now allows people to write naturally with their Livescribe 3 smartpen and see their notes instantly appear in the popular note-taking app. Once in Noteshelf people can make their notes even more useful with a wide variety of tools in the app.

Livescribe 3 smartpen and Noteshelf

“We’re bringing our smartpen technology to more apps and services where intuitive handwriting can help people capture their thoughts and ideas,” said Gilles Bouchard, CEO of Livescribe. “Combining the Livescribe 3 with the Noteshelf app provides people with a new way to capture notes, drawings and ideas with ink on paper, so they can get the most out of their important information.”

This YouTube video shows the Livescribe 3 smartpen and Noteshelf in action

With the Livescribe 3 smartpen, a Livescribe notebook, and Noteshelf, users can create notes, documents, and doodles naturally with ink on paper, and continue working on them on their iPad. Users can enrich their notes by highlighting and marking content as well. Customers can even assign certain notebooks to send off-line notes into Noteshelf once they reconnect to the Noteshelf app.


About Mark Parker

Mark Parker is the founder of Smart Selling International Pty Ltd. Smart Selling International is a niche technology market launch expert - helping technology companies launch and grow their brands in Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia. Mark is focused on Augmented and Virtual Reality, IoT, and digital data capture devices. You can find him online at - Twitter (@smartselling or @smartpen), LinkedIn -
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8 Responses to Livescribe 3 Now Supports Mobile App Noteshelf

  1. Brian Eales says:

    Hi Mark
    I have purchased 3x livescribe 3 pens
    as a trial for use in my school
    2x have worked extremely well
    1x the executive pen has yet to be able to connect with an ipad
    of any year ( ipad 2 to air )
    so I will be returning it soon
    it is though an awesome product for staff and students alike
    I have promoted this to a
    lot of schools in my area
    Brian Eales
    Clive School
    New Zealand

  2. Margaret Burdeu says:

    HI Mark
    I have been told to get an echo pen – I want to be able to upload and edit on screen and share with colleagues. Over the next few months I will be migrating from PC to Window but I want to get the pen now. I have been told there can be issues moving the pen from one computer to another, particularly across platforms. Is this so, and also will I need to purchase a software for the Mac?
    regards Margaret

    • Mark Parker says:

      Hi Margaret,
      I use both a Windows laptop and a Macbook Pro and I’ve not experienced any issues. Echo Desktop is a program designed to work on both systems and is provided free of charge – so you are free to install on both machines. The only additional piece of software you may want to consider is MyScript for Livescribe – this converts hand written notes into editable text. It is licensed on a per computer basis.

      The Echo smartpen options are detailed here – – I have plenty of stock available.

      cheers Mark

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