Accessories and Refills for Livescribe 3 smartpens

If you are using a new Livescribe 3 smartpen, chances are at some point you’ll be looking for ink refills, accessory products, or even replacement stylus caps. Here are the key items you might need:

Livescribe 3 Ink RefillsLivescribe 3 ink refills

These refills are unique to the Livescribe 3 range and are sold as a pack of 8 in either blue or black medium.

Replacement Stylus Caps

If you need replacements or want to keep a couple of spares handy then you can source these from here. Both the dark chrome (to suit the Pro Edition LS3) and bright chrome (to suit the LS3 standard edition) are available now.

Livescribe 3 Pro Edition Replacement Journals

If you purchased the Livescribe 3 Pro Edition you can now purchase replacement journals for your unique portfolio. The journals are sold as individual units and are detailed here.

Important Note re Using Replacement Journals

If you plan to insert a replacement journal into your Pro Edition Portfolio it’s critical you archive your original journal before you use the new one.

Before you start using the new journal you need to:

  1. Ensure you have version 4.3 of Livescribe+ installed on your mobile device
  2. Select the journal within the app and follow the prompts to archive it.

If we can help in any way – answer any questions you may have or help get the most from your smartpen, please let us know either here in comments or via our other social channels.


About Mark Parker

Mark Parker is the founder of Smart Selling International Pty Ltd. Smart Selling International is a niche technology market launch expert - helping technology companies launch and grow their brands in Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia. Mark is focused on Augmented and Virtual Reality, IoT, and digital data capture devices. You can find him online at - Twitter (@smartselling or @smartpen), LinkedIn -
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4 Responses to Accessories and Refills for Livescribe 3 smartpens

  1. Stephanie says:

    can you use the livescribe sticky notes with this new pen?

  2. Vivien Cooksley says:

    Any way to save content from livecribe 3 on a desktop device without the audio getting lost in the process? So far I have only been able to send “pdf” but then the audio is gone. Since the storage capacity of iphones is limited – if you can’t save complete notes+audio to the computer, this thing is pretty useless as a tool.

    • Mark Parker says:

      Hi Vivien,
      Livescribe is developing products that suit different needs – if saving to a desktop or laptop is what you need then the Livescribe Echo smartpen would be the best option for you.

      cheers Mark

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