Special February Smartpen Pricing

I’m pleased to advise that we’ve launched a special February promotion with Livescribe for a couple of the Smartpen’s.

The special pricing is as follows:

This pricing is available now and will run till Feb 28. The pricing noted above includes Australian GST.

Livescribe 4GB Echo Smartpen on sale nowWe’ve also reduced our exclusive bundles – the 2GB Pulse Smartpen + MyScript and the 4GB Echo Smartpen + MyScript.

If you’d like more information feel free to contact us via our usual channels – blog, email, phone, or Facebook


About Mark Parker

Mark Parker is the founder of Smart Selling International Pty Ltd. Smart Selling International is a niche technology market launch expert - helping technology companies launch and grow their brands in Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia. Mark is focused on Augmented and Virtual Reality, IoT, and digital data capture devices. You can find him online at - Twitter (@smartselling or @smartpen), LinkedIn - http://au.linkedin.com/in/smartselling
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6 Responses to Special February Smartpen Pricing

  1. G Mills says:

    I was just wondering when smartpen.com.au is going start stocking Notebooks 5-8, I believe that it is restricting university students that do more than 4 subjects in a semester and a good business opportunity to encourage these prospective customers to make their studies easier with your smartpens.

    • Mark Parker says:

      Hi G Mills,
      The supply of paper products is a matter beyond our control. As you can see on our site, we list and have available every product that is made available for the Australian market. However, from time to time we are caught out when we can’t access stock.

      I hope we’ll have the A4 pads (1-4) available again within a week. the Notebooks 5-8 are no longer available in this market – again, a decision outside our control.

      If you have a look at what we stock you’ll note that we have the new 3-subject notebooks available. I’d suggest you consider these books as they are excellent value for money and are available immediately

      cheers Mark

  2. Lynda says:

    Hi Mark
    I’m such a fan of the Smart pen – it saves my life daily and has put an end to scraps of paper everywhere. It has a design flaw however: the cap. It IS going to get lost – you can’t stick it anywhere safely nd I just now I’m going to end up “topless”. To that end I’ve been trying to get a carry case since I bought it. However every time I log on to the site it tells me they are out of stock again. I’ve even tried contacting customer service but I never heard back. I’ve tried ordering one from overseas – but they charge $70+ for postage. Any ideas where else I can try?

    • Mark Parker says:

      Hi Lynda
      I’ve sent you a note directly re the case. We were struggling for stock for a while but have both the deluxe carry case and the universal case now in stock

      cheers Mark

  3. sally says:

    Please can you tell me if Feb smart pen specials are still on now in March?


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