Livescribe Pencast Example

Livescribe Pencasts have been available for some time now and we’re starting to get a lot of feedback from the Australian Livescribe community around how they are using Pencasts and the value they deliver.

This is a US example of a teacher creating a Pencast around content that is going to be included in a future exam.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


This is a point I make to a lot of teachers – use Pencasts to share knowledge once. If a key part of the curriculum can be turned into Livescribe content then create a 5-10 minute tutorial and then share this as a Pencast. Keep in mind Pencasts can be shared easily into Facebook, Moodle, WordPress etc – or simply to another computer that has Livescribe Desktop installed.


About Mark Parker

Mark Parker is the founder of Smart Selling International Pty Ltd. Smart Selling International is a niche technology market launch expert - helping technology companies launch and grow their brands in Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia. Mark is focused on Augmented and Virtual Reality, IoT, and digital data capture devices. You can find him online at - Twitter (@smartselling or @smartpen), LinkedIn -
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2 Responses to Livescribe Pencast Example

  1. Dr. Edward Reilly says:

    The comment window blanks out at r.h. margin.
    This looks like a useful learning & teaching tool – what have you (Mark Palmer) done to introduce it to staff at Australian Universities, for both staff & students?
    It looks like a useful tool akin to the so-called “smartboard”.

    What I would like to see is a device that could:
    1. enable lecturers to write notes, drafts of lectures & papers etc., download & save as
    MSWORD (standard for most institutions) *.doc or *rtf files per OCR without being
    tied to their desk or laptop or dedicated tablet etc. Voice dictation should be a
    useful feature if Voice > Text. [Chomsky would be delighted if it worked]
    The cleanup rate for oraltext should be less than 90%, specially if
    Voice Recognition were predicated on (Turner) “Educated Australian”.
    [that may have a positive corrective effect on current Juliaisms]
    2. likewise students
    3. problem I see: handwritten texts per OCR to print text. Would this require a training
    period for machine to learn user’s input?

    If it works – and I have not yet bought it – I would be happy to help with workshop at VU.

    Yours sincerely,


    • Mark Parker says:

      Hi Ted,
      I’ll contact you directly with a more detailed response, but in summary

      1. This is possible now with MyScript. We’ve been offering MyScript as a bundled option for the past 18 months. MyScript allows you to convert hand written notes into editable text that can then be dropped into Word etc. Having said that, you do need to dock the pen to transfer content.

      2. Voice to text is still to be achieved in a meaningful way. Whilst programs like Dragon can handle one voice it doesn’t manage multi-party type audio.

      3. MyScript does a very good job with little training. Feedback from our user community has been very positive.

      Happy to share more thoughts with you

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