On the weekend Livescribe released version 2.0 (2.033886) of the Livescribe Desktop application. In conjunction with this new version, they also launched the Livescribe app store (post to follow).

NOTE – there are some current problems downloading v2. If you experiencing difficulties please let us know. These problems may persist until the 24th or 25th November

I did manage to download and get a version working on one of my machines and I have to say I’m really impressed.

Here are the points that I think stand out:

  • The new look and feel is great – They have really added a lot to the user interface. It feels different – almost crisper. Clearly some work has been done on the back end as it seems to be loading multiple books faster than before.
  • New Search Features – This is a great improvement as it now allows you to nominate how and where you want to search.
  • Multiple Item Delete – this is the stand out addition to the Desktop. The option to now select multiple items and remove them from the Smartpen or the Desktop
  • Proxy Server – this has been a constant issue for many of our customers – so I’m pleased that the app now includes options to configure internet access via a proxy server.
  • Improved Zooming – this is a nice addition – the option to change the zoom when you look at a Livescribe book. It means you can zoom in and out, changing how many pages are displayed.

Overall, I’m giving the new version an 8.5 out of 10.

There are still a few navigation tweaks I think need to be included and some bigger ideas around how the content is organised.

But in the meantime – well done Livescribe team.

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