Windows 7 and Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

We’ve had a few requests from the community about whether Livescribe Desktop will work with Windows 7.

If you have upgraded to Windows 7 (we will be shortly) and you have a Livescribe Pulse Smartpen – then you’re in luck.

Livescribe Desktop v1.7 is compatible with Windows 7. To get Livescribe Desktop v1.7, simply go to the Livescribe website and follows the links through the Support section of the site.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line


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18 Responses to Windows 7 and Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

  1. Marlene Perry says:

    How is smartpen future proofed for new MS products, i.e. if you have purchased Smart Pen Plus…. you are in luck….. if not…. not good!
    can you upload the software to more than one pc or laptop for utmost flexibility at work?
    regards, Marlene

  2. rob says:

    The new version of the software (v2.x) is a fricking DISASTER!! I have owned this product for over a year and really liked it until the recent version. Now you say to get go back to v1.7 “go to livescribe web site and follow the links through support…). Have you actually tried to do that? You can’t find it. Give us the direct link to v1.7 you moron! Your support is absolutely terrible. I used to recommend this device now I tell people to stay away.

    • Mark Parker says:

      Hi Rob,
      There have been some issues with v2 of the Livescribe Desktop – Livescribe has been very open about this. I’m not sure I understand your comment about going back to v1.7? This post refers to v1.7 which was the current version at the time the post was written.


      • Greg says:

        Some issues..lots of issues and LS have in no way been very open about it. The major issues is that LS seem to do no real QA testing of the software at all.
        Two points for v2 that replaces the 1.7 version..
        -when upgrading there is a good chance that all your session dates will be changed to 01/01/0001
        -once you upgrade, and i use the term loosely, as many have had huge problems even getting the update to work, you might not be able to print PDFs.
        And what does LS support say to work around problems like PDF Printing – “Set your regional settings to American”
        Yeah great fix that is.. still no fix for all the dates that get screwed up, but LS still has the same download available to anyone that wants to update, they have not bothered to remove it so it does not cause problems for others or to fix it.

        So any testing if there is any, is only tested on their machines, and when they find that all the other people in the world that live beyond the borders of the USA have a problem, their answer is “change your computer to american format”.. this is a great help to your accounting software that you then open and it goes WTF?!?

        If you have 1.7 stick with it and do not go to v2.. the only point to version 2 really is so you can use the App Store.. and with the App Store you can pay money to play cards, roll dice, learn the USA states, not much else.. an entire year wait for this development.. they would have been better off spending the time building a better app for users

        • Mark Parker says:

          I understand your issues and in the interests of transparency I’ll publish your post.

          Your comments on this post and the post re the CEO visit in some cases are incorrect. You’ve raised another issue here that is solvable.

          As I’ve noted previously, Livescribe is aware of issues like date formats and is working to fix this. I’ve not seen this date reset issue nor has anyone else reported it.

          Version 2 of the Desktop runs as expected with plans in place to address known issues. Livescribe has adopted a common, and perfectly reasonable approach to their development and customer service.

  3. --David says:

    While I agree a direct link to the software would have been helpful, I must applaud you, mark, for your reply to Rob, even after he he talked down to you. There is no reason why someone responding to a post should act in the manner Rob did. All that being said, if it’s possible in future posts, could you post a direct link to the software in question? It may not matter, but I had to jump through some hoops to get the software, as the link you provided took me to a KB page and I had to poke around to find the actual d/l page. Thanks for your help!

  4. Gel says:

    i have not used my Pulse smartpen for about a month now, and it doesn’t open at all this time.i have been charging it by connecting to the laptop, and it scares me now that nothing appears at all, though the laptop senses that it is connected. Is there any place I could ask for assistance in fixing/checking it?

    • Mark Parker says:

      Hi Gel
      I would suggest contacting your local place of purchase and getting them to assist with a warranty replacement. It sounds like the battery might have failed – but this needs to be confirmed.

      cheers Mark

  5. CJ Ley says:

    I purchased an 8 G smartpen about 6 months ago and am about to start using it on a windows based tablet- the reason being, that I will use the USB slot, so that I can rename files on the spot while I am mobile.

    Any good file renaming tips?

    Kind regards

  6. Laura says:

    I purchased a Livescribe Pulse and apparently my computer is not recognizing a driver for the Livescribe Pulse. I do not have a CD for download of the driver. Where can I get it? Apparently nothing will work without it. Windows Vista 7 driver updates do not find this driver. Is there a simple link on the Livescribe website to download the Pulse driver?

  7. Regina Hoover says:

    i purchased an echo 8gb live-scribe pen yesterday, Ii was so excited about my new smart pen but none of my computers or devices will recognize the device. I can find no place to install a driver into my system so I can actually use the device. How can I solve this problem? Of course I bought the thing on a weekend and there is no costumer support. I am in graduate school and my class is on Monday. I really wanted to use the pen in my class Monday; what a disappointment that it will not work properly.

  8. Sriharan says:

    Hi Mark Parker,
    Could you please solve my issue:
    I’m trying to use Livescribe ECHO 8GB pen. I can’t able to install it correctly. I’m getting the following errors from the start.

    1. Windows cannot find “Livescribe Connect.exe”. Makesure the name correctly, and then try again. [ok] in the box.
    when I close or OK it, it came with desk top icon and all.
    2. When I want change my notes to pdf, through send page to computer, and continue, livescribe connect did not appear but i receive this error massage: “There was an error connecting your pencast for sharing. Please contact Customer Service”.
    2. When I connect my Ceho pen to the computer, It says:
    Device driver software was not successfully installed
    Please consult with your device manufacturer for assistance getting this device installed.
    I tried all over the net and your sites to find the driver but no chance at all. I
    I uninstall Livescribe more than 5 times and re-install by downloading new one from ur site. Still no success.
    Please help me to troubleshoot this issue as soon as possible.
    I’m using windows 7.
    I have used in same computer about an year ago to see my notes but never tried to upload as pdf.
    Now Computer does not recognising it at all.
    I’m quite happy for you to use Logme in to see whether you can fix this issue.

    I need this to be done as soon as possible so that I can start to use ECHO pen.

    Thank you.


  9. WJ says:

    Hi, I am having the same issue as Haran, my computer does not seem to recognize the device, with a error message. I’ve also tried to search for drivers for the Pulse Smartpen on the internet, but unsuccessful so far.

    Any help where I can maybe download a driver?


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