Livescribe – Where are we going?

I had the opportunity to catch up with Eric Pettit from Livescribe this week as he made a whirlwind trip down under to try and get a grasp on what’s happening here. In conjunction with John Ong from the regional master distributor we had a great chat and I have to admit I came away really excited about what Livescribe is planning for this year in terms of core development, new development, and new ideas.

A couple of points stood out for me.

Firstly, Livescribe are listening.

They know there are a few things they’ve not done the best job on, and they’re committed to doing things better in the future. As I’ve commented many times here and in my direct communications with you, Livescribe’s a company that’s still relatively new and growing so it’s important we give them constructive feedback but also exercise some patience as they learn and grasp what they need to do better.

Secondly, they have a vision

They have a vision for where the Livescribe product is going that fits in with much if not all of the feedback that you’ve given us over the past 7 months. This applies across the many facets of the user community as well as those of you who want to develop applications. Some of the dates for new features mightn’t be what we’re expecting but we’re heading in the right direction.

I promised Eric I wouldn’t spill the beans so stay tuned as we work closely with Livescribe over the next 8+ months. It’s going to be an exciting year – there’s some great things being worked on.


About Mark Parker

Mark Parker is the founder of Smart Selling International Pty Ltd. Smart Selling International is a niche technology market launch expert - helping technology companies launch and grow their brands in Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia. Mark is focused on Augmented and Virtual Reality, IoT, and digital data capture devices. You can find him online at - Twitter (@smartselling or @smartpen), LinkedIn -
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5 Responses to Livescribe – Where are we going?

  1. RobertC says:

    I’d like to see an updated model with longer battery life and say, 8GB of memory for more data storage.

    Other than that, there are many, many features that the desktop software requires – including some decent sorting and organisation features and the ability to export files to PDF, for example.

  2. RobertC says:

    Just thinking about it some more – I’d really like some good quality “in-ear” earphones as well.

  3. Mark Parker says:

    Great suggestions. I have to admit I prefer the in-ear headsets as well.

    Re your earlier comment, Livescribe is working hard on the Desktop application. They realise it needs some serious loving and plan to address your comments and others very soon. Have you looked at MyScript for Livescribe? it’s a good option if you want to export your content to Word or PDF (PC only though).

  4. Todd M says:

    Add security, encryption, wireless bluetooth support for data transfer. Higher end models for professionals like doctors who are willing to spend more for more expensive features like slim designs and longer battery life.

  5. EW says:

    As a law student aiming to make the most of the Pulse in class – there needs to be a much better way to sort pages without dissociating the audio. Exporting to PDF is alright, but the dissociation of the audio mitigates one of the best features of the Pulse. I can understand why it would be intrinsically difficult to create a system whereby pages uploaded into the livescribe desktop can be sorted into different folders and sub-folders. However, it doesn’t seem as though there is any intrinsic reason that archived notebooks shouldn’t be sortable in folders and sub-folders, while maintaining the link between audio record and notes written. I think they might have a killer product if it were easier to sort and organize pages of notes, with associated audio, a la OneNote.

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