Livescribe Desktop Upgrade – Exciting News

We’ve received some exciting news from Livescribe regarding the planned upgrades to the Livescribe Desktop application. Version 1.4 will be released on November 24 in the US, so Australian customers will be able to download this from Tuesday the 25th.

Firstly, a Beta version of the Macintosh version of the Desktop will be available. This is good news as we’ve had a lot of enquiries from Mac users and we have a number of customers waiting for this release. If you’re a Mac user, Gizmodo has already had a look at the Mac version and seem pretty happy.

The really exciting news is that version 1.4 (due this month) will provide OCR capabilities via a new release from MyScript (a Vision Objects product). The features of MyScript include:

  • Send your handwritten notes directly from Livescribe Desktop to MyScript for Livescribe for conversion to text.
  • Use your personal dictionary to add names, terms and abbreviations for even more accurate conversion.
  • Convert handwriting, shapes, drawings and tables into print.
  • Edit the resulting digital text directly in My Script for Livescribe application.
  • Edited results can be sent to Microsoft Word or another word processor, to a text file, to your default email application or saved as a picture file.

We’re currently talking to Vision Objects about adding this application to our portfolio. Hopefully we’ll have some news on that shortly.

We installed the trial application earlier today and it doesn’t let you test any of your own content. So we’re installing the paid version and we’ll run some tests on the technology and let everyone know the results.

Finally, Livescribe are giving people the option of printing their own dot pattern paper with this release. I’m sitting on the fence on this one for a couple of reasons – the main one being the type of printer required to print the paper. I’ll also create a post on this on the 25th once we have the new verison.


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19 Responses to Livescribe Desktop Upgrade – Exciting News

  1. kish says:

    I just downloaded Myscript. You have to open your files in Livescribe desktop and not in Myscript for it to work. this tool works well if your handwriting is perfect !!! For a person like me, i may have to end up re-typing most of the stuff.
    Also, I tried to make columns (sort of like an expense report). The software does not recognize columns of information. So when it converts, you will find that the text is all messed up.

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  4. mark says:

    I’m just wondering if anybody knows of when/if a mac version of MyScript will be launched for purchase to augment LiveScribe Desktop for mac?

    It’d make my life a whole bunch easier and the product so much more practical if I could automatically recognize my notes and publish them as minutes without having to retype them. In the meantime I have reverted to typing my notes on my laptop during meetings so as not to be rendered inefficient through dual-entry.

  5. darryl says:

    great concept
    Bought one when first available in Australia
    Battery failed after a few months and company has been very slow to repond
    Cannot recommend on sevice record

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