Preview Edition of the Android App for Livescribe 3 Launched Today

Earlier today Livescribe announced the launch of Preview Edition of the Livescribe+ app on Google Play™. Finally, this brings the Livescribe 3 smartpen to Android users across the our region including Australia and New Zealand (a full global launch expected in the next few weeks).

Livescribe 3 works on select Android devicesThe Livescribe 3 smartpen has been an extremely popular smartpen and also introduced a new style of smartpen that has won multiple design awards since their launch in early 2014. Livescribe 3 continues Livescribe’s long held leadership position in defining the ongoing relevance and value of hand writing for users across the education and business spectrum.

By adding support for modern Android smart devices Livescribe brings back support for classic pen-on-paper note taking and amplifies this experience – making our natural pen and paper experiences more actionable, more useful, and more relevant.

What is Preview Edition?

The Preview Edition will include most of the features expected in the full release, including digital conversion of handwriting, recording of pencasts and the ability to share notes via email, Evernote, Microsoft OneNote and other apps.

However, certain features will be added in the full release version, or after initial launch. Future updates will introduce the ability to add a security PIN code to a smartpen, Auto-Send notebooks to cloud services and the ability to tag notes and add them to Collections.

Getting Started with the Livescribe Android Preview Edition App

First things first, check the compatibility of your Android device – refer to this FAQ on the smartpen e-commerce site.

To download the app for your Android device, visit Livescribe+ for Android

If you’re technically minded, you can also read the release notes for Preview Edition

Special Launch Offer for Livescribe Australian and New Zealand Customers

Starting today and running through till June 30, anyone purchasing a new Livescribe 3 smartpen can take advantage of this special launch offer – a AUD 30 (NZD 30) Google Play Store giftcard.

Visit Livescribe at CeBIT 2015 Sydney

From May 5 to May 7 you can visit Livescribe at CeBIT Australia – the largest technology conference in this region. Livescribe is located at booth J16

Android for Livescribe 3 is here

Its time for the Android community to join the pen and paper note taking revolution – its not glass – its paper and its brilliant.

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Livescribe Echo 8GB smartpen Pro Edition Added to Product Range

Great news for our Echo smartpen community – Livescribe has launched an updated version of the very popular 8GB Echo smartpen.

Livescribe Echo 8GB smartpen Pro Edition

The Updated Echo 8GB Pro Edition

There are a number of changes/updates for this package. In addition to the Echo 8GB smartpen, the pack also includes:

  • Smartpen portfolio – holds either the A5 spiral notebooks or leather journals
  • 3-D recording headset – great for use in larger lecture halls or large meeting rooms
  • MyScript for Livescribe – converts your hand written notes into editable text via Echo Desktop

New Warranty Standard

The Echo Smartpen 8GB Pro Edition is provided with a two-year warranty on the smartpen, and an additional year of warranty on the OLED screen and battery.

Specification and Availability

Full specifications and local pricing will be up on our AU and NZ Smartpen sites before the end of the month.

What's included with Livescribe Echo 8GB smartpen Pro Edition

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Android App for Livescribe 3 – What It All Means

The most common questions I’m getting from Livescribe customers is whether they need a new Livescribe 3 smartpen in order to use it with their Android device. The short answer is NO! There are some retail boxes circulating that indicate its iOS only – this is just packaging.

One Livescribe 3 smartpen can sync with up to four iOS and Android devices, so people can access the same notes whenever they need them, on their iPad as well as their Android smartphone, or any other combination of iOS and Android mobile devices.

Livescribe+ and the Livescribe 3 smartpen are compatible with devices running Android OS v4.4.2 (KitKat) or newer, with support for Bluetooth® Smart (aka Bluetooth 4.0 low energy). The Livescribe 3 smartpen uses Bluetooth Smart to easily connect to multiple devices and deliver up to 14 hours of continuous writing on one charge.

Android users can start digitizing, searching and sharing their handwritten notes by picking up a Livescribe 3 smartpen and downloading the Livescribe+ app, free on the Google Play store.

Initially launched for iOS, Livescribe+ for Android has been optimized for Android by incorporating Google’s Material Design guidelines to introduce a unique Android approach to the app’s core functions and user experience.

Livescribe 3 for AndroidUnique to Android, Livescribe has also launched a second app called Livescribe Link, an Android Service app that manages the connection between smartpen and Livescribe+ and, in the future, other third-party apps that make use of Livescribe’s Android SDK. It also conducts a compatibility check when it’s installed, so potential customers can make sure their Android device is compatible before they purchase a smartpen.

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Livescribe Showcasing New Android App at CeBIT Australia

Beginning today in Sydney Livescribe will be showcasing the new Android app at CeBIT 2015. Running over the next 3 days visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to try the preview version of Livescribe+ for Android.

Livescribe 3 for AndroidCeBIT Special Offers

Visitors will also be able to take advantage of a number of exclusive offers including:

  • Google Play Store gift cards with purchase of select Livescribe 3 smartpens
  • Free upgrades including Pro edition portfolio and Evernote Premium subscription.
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Android App for Livescribe 3 – What devices Are Compatible?

As we noted earlier today, Livescribe announced the preview version of the Livescribe+ app which supports a specific range of Android devices.

Is My Android Device Compatible with Livescribe 3?

Given the proliferation of Android flavors and technical specifications that vary across carriers your device may or may not be compatible. This FAQ on the Smartpen website details the current list of compatible devices.

I suggest you follow this two step process:

Does Your Android Device Meet the Minimum Specs?

Livescribe+ for Android requires a mobile device that meets the following minimum requirements.

  • An Android device running Android OS v 4.4.2 (KitKat) or higher
  • Native support for Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth low energy).

Here’s a tip – focus on “native support for Bluetooth Smart”.

Not Sure If Your Android Device Will Support Livescribe 3?

The best way to check compatibility is via our special compatibility check app called Livescribe Link.

This app will check the specs of your device and give you a simple go/no go result. Seriously, if you’re not sure download this app and confirm compatibility before you purchase a Livescribe 3 smartpen.

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New Moleskine Carry Case Added to Store

I’m pleased to advise our customers that we’ve added a new leather case to our store from Moleskine – the Moleskine Large Shell.

Moleskine Large Shell holds Livescribe 3 smartpenMoleskine are renowned for producing high quality paper and writing accessories and this case definitely fits that brand promise.


  • Will fit the Livescribe Replacement journals that come with the Livescribe 3 Pro Edition or the soon to be released (in ANZ) Moleskine Livescribe Journal
  • Includes space for an iPad mini or similar tablet
  • Elastic holder for your Livescribe smartpen
  • Water resistant case and zipper

Moleskine case showing Journal and iPad and Livescribe 3 smartpenThese cases are available now for Australian and New Zealand customers.

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Improving Workplace Productivity with Beesy for iPad

Earlier today Livescribe launched a new partnership with popular iPad productivity app Beesy (developed by BeesApps).

This new partnership now allows Livescribe 3 users to integrate handwritten paper notes directly into the Beesy iPad productivity app. Any notes, action items, drawings, or meeting minutes can now be easily integrated into their daily workflow. Handwriting is converted into digital text that is automatically organized into meeting minutes, tasks or action items to share with colleagues.

This YouTube clip shows the Livescribe 3 smartpen and Beesy app working together:

Key Points About Using Beesy

Please note the following for existing and new users of Beesy:

  • Integration is only available with the Livescribe 3 smartpen
  • Existing Users of Beesy – You will need to purchase the Livescribe Handwriting recognition option for AUD 27.99 in order to integrate notes into the app
  • New Users of Beesy – You will need to purchase the app (AUD 7.50) and then the upgrade (AUD 27.99)

Whilst its not a cheap option I personally can see this being my preferred destination for paper content (vs Livescribe+). I particularly like the Dashboard feature with both my calendar and the quadrant of activities based on importance and urgency – see this screen shot of my current dashboard:

Beesy and Livescribe 3 - improving workplace productivity

“Using Beesy, corporate customers can save more than 30 minutes a day by simply taking notes on paper and fully integrating their notes into their corporate environment, allowing them to quickly track activities, share action items and stay ahead of the curve while running from meeting to meeting,” said David Chevenement, CEO of BeesApps. “This integration with Livescribe is unprecedented because now people can capture notes with a smartpen and automatically see their words appear in digital text so the information is available whenever they need it.”

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